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East-West BBQ @Cherry Beach


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日程/Date:8月17日(土)12時スタート! / 17th, Aug, Sat  12:00 PM –

場所/Location:Cherry Beach ( https://goo.gl/maps/DYJxtVPxmf22 )

※雨天決行です!(BBQ will go on, rain or shine)

※当日はレジャーシートやタオルをお持ちいただくことをおすすめいたします。(we recommend you bring your own picnic sheet and towel)

【Cherry Beachの行き方 / Access】
Union Stationを出たら、Bay streetと Front Street Westの通りが交差しているところのバス停(Front St West at Bay St East Side)から121Dもしくは121Cというバスをキャッチして、東に向かってください。

(Exit from Union sation, find “Front St West at Bay St East Side” bus station, and catch 121D or 121C route bus and head to east)


Attention) It is announced that TTC subway service between the area shown as below will be stopped until 12 noon on 17th Aug. You may have to get to Union Station by bus or foot


[Street View]

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